Should you learn web development?

There's no recommendation either way

If you’ve read my last two posts, you might have interpreted them as a recommendation to not learn web development.

I’m not recommending any course of action; I’m just mentioning the facts.

What I’m saying is that scientists and non-computer engineers, even if they like coding their models, usually don’t enjoy learning and dealing with web development. The road is long, and if you don’t enjoy it, you are unlikely to make it.

But there are exceptions. There are scientists and engineers who find the road fascinating and they learn more and more. In fact, this is pretty much how I started. If you are intrigued, by all means, welcome to the interesting world of web development. Just don’t think in terms of “I created a great model—now all that remains is for me to write a simple web interface for it”. It doesn’t work this way.

In fact, since we only have one lifetime available, if you do become a web developer you will probably stop being a scientist. But I’d be surprised if there weren’t exceptions to this as well.